Kyle Deming



About me. I’ve been a knife enthusiast pretty much my whole life. About 7 years ago I got tired of being disappointed by factory made knives not delivering on the hype. I started studying metallurgy and discovered so many discrepancies between what I was reading and what I thought I knew that I figured I needed to take a lesson from a pro.

I signed up for a 2 day course on how to make a bar of Damascus (pattern welded, to be proper) steel, and how to forge a knife out of said bar. It was great. I made an amazingly functional, albeit not very pretty knife and developed the sickness for making knives.

I kept studying and started saving up for tools. Turns out that one can’t forge any of the steels I use (more on that later) so I invested in a belt grinder, a kiln, and a drill press, for doing whats called stock removal. Since 2012 my daily grind has literally been grinding metal. It’s awesome.