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Fully Custom Knives.
Overkill is Underrated.


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Customization. I can tailor the blade, handle, sheath, and accessories to you and your needs specifically. 

Best materials. I only use the finest materials from trusted sources, all of which I purchase from American companies.

Pretty, functional. I make the design that fits you. I make knives for the kitchen, camping, hunting, survival, EDC, combat, and historical recreations. I’m also happy to work with you on your own design.

Philosophy. Overkill is underrated. Do you need a knife that can skin 12 elk without having to re-sharpen it? No, but you can. Do you need a kitchen knife that you can leave sitting in lime juice all night and it wont rust?Probably not. I believe in producing knives that will last generations. I believe in quality and craftsmanship. My knives are extremely functional and works of art.


Kyle Deming

"Since 2012 my daily grind has literally been grinding metal. It’s awesome."

About me. I’ve been a knife enthusiast pretty much my whole life. About 7 years ago I got tired of being disappointed by factory made knives not delivering on the hype. I started studying metallurgy and discovered so many discrepancies between what I was reading and what I thought I knew that I figured I needed to take a lesson from a pro.

I signed up for a 2 day course on how to make a bar of Damascus (pattern welded, to be proper) steel, and how to forge a knife out of said bar. It was great. I made an amazingly functional, albeit not very pretty knife and developed the sickness for making knives.

I kept studying and started saving up for tools. Turns out that one can’t forge any of the steels I use (more on that later) so I invested in a belt grinder, a kiln, and a drill press, for doing whats called stock removal. Since 2012 my daily grind has literally been grinding metal. It’s awesome.